No matter what you need researched, we can develop a project to meet your needs.

The most popular research projects are focus groups, mail, and telephone surveys.
Studies administered on the internet are also used.

Focus groups are used to ascertain opinions from people who use a product or service.
Usually focus groups consist of around 10 or so people gathered around a table and comment on questions posed by a moderator. From the opinions given by participants, businesses can learn more about people's feelings towards their product or service. With a focus group you can detect "buzzwords" which may help in preparing marketing material. The focus group moderator can zero in on certain topics and gather as much information from participants as he deems necessary.

Many times a mail, telephone study, or study administered over the internet are used when a business wishes to gain answers to a lot of questions. Questions are usually rated from a 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 scale. Each study can take any length of time.

If you are a business having a problem growing your business or want to find out why customers patronize competitors, then either of the above studies are for you.

If you are a business with a particular product to evaluate where people can hold it in their hands, then a focus group is want you need. Some service-oriented businesses use focus groups.

If you are a business or consumer with a business idea and will sell a product or service, either of the above studies are for you.
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