Arbitron Diary Review reports

Diary General Station report
This report is a comprehensive review of the station and competition with trending. It is like going to your doctor for a complete physical. This report may provide information about your station that you never realized existed such as losing credit to a competitor due to the "station names" on file with Arbitron's editors. Or, a county "reach" issue where an outside-the-market station may be getting credit in a county that it simply cannot reach. Sections in the General Station report include: General Picture of trended ratings; P1-4+ trend; Audience Composition trend; In-Tab diary counts for demos and counties trend; Sharing trend; Number of QHs spent with your station trend; ZIP Code trend; "Who Skewed The Ratings" chart showing the number of QHs spent with any station over 250 QHs; Station Identification showing the different ways diarykeepers write your station "name" and a narrative if you are losing credit to other stations due to station name conflict; Typed Verbatim Comments; Cume & TSL by week showing the percent of diaries your station has each week and the average QHs per diary in each week; Check for general editing errors. We also provide ZIP Code wall maps showing heavy, medium, light cume of your station by ZIP Code.

Diary Morning Show report
This report focuses on the Morning Show listeners. In this report you will learn the sex/age/race percentages of your MS listeners; Which weeks provide the most MS listeners; How many days per week listeners hears the MS; Which days (Mondays, Tuesdays ,etc) hear the MS; Verbatim Comments about the MS; ZIP Code of MS listeners; County of residence of MS listeners.

Diary Cume & Quarter-Hours report
This report focuses on the percent of your cume and quarter-hours by 15 different demos. Terrific short report to learn if your target demos are providing the percent of quarter-hours needed to boost Share in your target demos. For example you will see that 31.4% of your cume is Men 18+ while this 31.4% contributes 26.6% of all your quarter-hours. Or, see that 19.4% of your cume is Women 35-44 while this 19.4% contributes 27.1% of all your quarter-hours.

Diary Market Overview report
This report is a ranker of the top 10 stations by various time periods. You will learn the top 10 ranked stations by each hour from 6AM to Midnight. These rankers are provided for Monday-Friday, Saturday only, and Sunday only. Then you will learn the top 10 ranked stations for the standard dayparts of 6-10AM, 10AM-3PM, 3-7PM, 7PM-MID for Monday-Friday, Saturday only, and Sunday only. You will also learn the top 10 ranked stations in Monday-Sunday 6AM-MID, Saturday only 6AM-MID, and Sunday only 6AM-MID time periods using a 13 month trend. Also, learn the top 10 ranked stations by each day of the week such as Monday only, Tuesday only, etc for 6AM-MID. Lastly, learn the top 10 ranked stations by each week for 6AM-MID using a 12 week trend.
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