Arbitron PPM Analysis reports

If your market is beginning PPM service, you need to learn Arbitron's new terminology, new ratings time periods, what kinds of data are available, and most importantly how to collect the data that is most important to you then combine it into a report that answers your questions and can help you prepare for the future. This takes a lot of time, patience, and knack to concentrate on a lot of clerical work.

If you have been receiving PPM for any period of time, you already know what's available to analyze. But, most importantly, are you collecting the right data to make the best programming, marketing, sales decisions? Are you properly prepared for the future? PDs call us after months of working with PPM data because they have not one, two, but three stations to manage, and not enough time to prepare the month's report for management, let alone themselves. Every few months Arbitron introduces new types of data then the process starts all over again for the PDs to learn what's new, how to collect it, then incorporate it into the monthly report. Research Concepts is your data analysis "assistant." Integrating our knowledge of available PPM data with professional report production, we supply the answers to your ratings questions accurately and timely.

PPM General Station report
This report is a comprehensive review of the station and competition with trending. It is like going to your doctor for a complete physical.

After reviewing the results of your first General Station report you will immediately learn how PPM and diary audience results differ, if at all. In addition, you will learn strengths and weaknesses of your station. With this information you will be able to make better programming, marketing, and sales decisions. Sections in the General Station report include: Monthly Ratings trend for your station and competitors; Hour-By-Hour cume estimates with monthly trend; Day-By-Day Share and cume estimates; Day-By-Day Cume estimates for your station and competitors; Weekday vs Weekend ratings estimates with monthly trend; Sex/Age/Race composition with monthly trend; Hispanic Language User Analysis; Sharing trend; Socioeconomic Cume Trends; County-of-residence cume trend; P1 Analysis; Location of cume and AQH Persons monthly trend; Quarter-Hour Counter monthly trend. Plus, a lot more! User can extract any pages of this report to be used as a "Sales Assistance" aid.

PPM AQH Persons report
This report clearly displays the cume of your station by each quarter-hour between 6AM and MID, Monday-Sunday. Learn how specific on-air announcements, music, promotions, features, news stories, weather alerts, etc cause increases and decreases in cume by quarter-hours. You receive one page for each survey day. In addition to learning the cume by quarter-hour, this report displays summaries of the quarter-hour cume by individual days (Mondays, Tuesdays, etc); weekdays vs weekends, dayparts, plus trending. Also learn the sharing stations by daypart for weekdays vs weekends.

PPM Daypart Show report
This report focuses on listeners to your station for any daypart. You can do a Morning Show, Afternoon Show, "Workday 9AM-5PM" show, etc. Report contents are very similar to the above AQH Persons report. Keep in mind though, this Daypart Show report focuses on a select group of hours rather than 6AM-MID.

PPM Minute-By-Minute report
This report shows you the number of unweighted panelists listening to your station for every minute of every survey day from 6AM-MID. You can observe cume increases and decreases for every minute.

PPM Market Overview report
This report is a ranker of the top 10 stations by various time periods. You will learn the top 10 ranked stations by each hour from 6AM to Midnight. These rankers are provided for Monday-Friday, Saturday only, and Sunday only. Then you will learn the top 10 ranked stations for the standard dayparts of 6-10AM, 10AM-3PM, 3-7PM, 7PM-MID for Monday-Friday, Saturday only, and Sunday only. You will also learn the top 10 ranked stations in Monday-Sunday 6AM-MID, Saturday only 6AM-MID, and Sunday only 6AM-MID time periods using a 13 month trend. Also, learn the top 10 ranked stations by each day of the week such as Monday only, Tuesday only, etc for 6AM-MID. Lastly, learn the top 10 ranked stations by each week for 6AM-MID using a 12 week trend.
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