Here's what some of our radio clients have to say about Research Concepts Company:

"Over the years I have always found Research Concepts' work to be not only professional but a great time saver for my PD and myself. The advent of the Morning Show materials has been greatly appreciated as it allows us to get into the whole area of who is listening and where. We use it to track the demographics, to see if certain promotions have worked, what days of the week are more listened-to and what ZIP Codes we are excelling or falling short. I have found it to be a very good tool for really taking a look at the Morning Show audience and how to reach them better."
Gary Cox, VP/GM KVEG Las Vegas

"We have been extremely pleased with Jay's diary and PPM analysis service and different products through the years. He has helped us identify key areas in which our stations could improve to maximize our results."
Dave Robbins, VP/GM WUSN Chicago

"In a day and age when Programmers find themselves taking on more and more responsibilities, and their days get busier and busier, it's invaluable to come across something that makes your job easier. Research Concepts does that! I've never worked with anyone who was as thorough, flexible, and as committed to my station's success as Jay and his crew - survey after survey."
Tom Bass, PD WEZX Wilkes-Barre/Scranton

"Research Concepts is the only source I use when I need Arbitron ratings analysis. I've known Jay and his staff for 10 years and I am most impressed with their data collection techniques and report contents. Information I get from them is accurate, timely, and most importantly usable. We've made programming adjustments based on their reports and the data is useful for preparing for future surveys. The Morning Show report is highly useful as we can zero in on just the morning hours and make proper adjustments. I highly recommend Research Concepts for your Arbitron analysis."
Jerry Boulding, Urban Radio Consultant

"Research Concepts' reports are thorough and helpful. We've found Jay and his team to be great partners and great time savers for us."
Anthony Acampora, RadioCrunch, Cluster Programming/Strategy

Here's what some of our business & industry clients have to say about Research Concepts Company:

"I need to know what my customers' perceptions of my business services are and the best way to find out is to ask them. I did not want to ask questions so I hired Research Concepts Company to prepare a questionnaire and administer the study by phone. The project was done quickly, affordably, and professionally. I used the results to better understand my customers' perceptions of the services they received at my business."
Local Business Owner, Baltimore, MD

"For several months my business was declining and I did not know why. I tried to determine why on my own but lacked the necessary time to talk to my customers. I contacted Research Concepts Company to see what they could do for me and was amazed as to the different types of research projects available. I'm glad I found Research Concepts Company. The results enlightened me as to why people were not patronizing my store as much as in the past and with the guidance of Research Concepts Company, we assembled a plan of action to gain back the lost customers. It has paid off!"
Local Business Owner, Baltimore, MD

Here's what some of our website evaluation clients have to say about Research Concepts Company:

"I received a direct-mail piece from Research Concepts Company addressing their website evaluation services and thought I'd give them a call to see what that entails. They told me the main objective is to see how the "average" user comprehends the website. I paid thousands for my website creation and thought it was a great website until I got the evaluation report from Research Concepts Company. They pointed out that it is very difficult to understand exactly what my service company offers and visitors would become less-interested in proceeding further with the site. I needed to re-think my services page to make it easier to comprehend my services. Without Research Concepts Company's evaluation I would never have thought about my problem."
Local Business Owner, Columbia, MD

"My website is greatůso I thought until Research Concepts Company did an evaluation. Little did I know that my products to sell pages were duplicated in parts and thus confused users. I completely overlooked the duplication when I reviewed the site with the developer but Research Concepts Company caught the error. We made the correction."
Local Business Owner, Pikesville, MD
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